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How do I redeem a Gift Meal?

Select your meal and date from the ordering calendar and add it to your cart. During checkout, enter the code you received in the Promo Code field.

How do Supper Suppers meal deliveries work?

We prepare each meal daily with fresh ingredients at a commercial rent-by-hour kitchen. Once the meals are complete and ready to deliver they are brought hot and ready to serve to either the recipient of the meal or the sender of the meal, if they wish to deliver it themselves. The meals are delivered in a stylish, dual-compartment thermal bag so that hot and cold foods stay at temperature until the meal is ready to enjoy.

When would I order a Support Supper and for whom?

While it would definitely be a nice treat to order a Support Supper for yourself, we are primarily a “gift” meal service, designed to help our customers order meals to support friends, family and neighbors at times of life-change, like a new home, new baby, illness, recovery, grief, job loss, relationship loss, stressful week, etc. Our customers may be out of town and not able to prepare and provide a meal themselves due to distance or they may be local and do not have the time to prepare and deliver a meal themselves.

Is there sales tax and delivery charges on Support Suppers?

All of our prices include meal delivery, with the exception of special circumstances that we may work with you to accommodate. However, all of our meals are subject to 5.3% Virginia Sales Tax and 4% Henrico County Meals tax regardless of the place the meal is delivered. This tax amount will be calculated at the end of your order and added to the total.

What is included in the price of a Support Supper?

We consider the delivery of a Support Supper to be a gift, so we treat it as such and deliver the meal in a stylish, reusable thermal dual-compartment cooler bag. The meals are served family style and include an entrée with complimenting side dishes, a salad with a homemade dressing in a mason jar, bread with a homemade spread in a mason jar, a dessert, a fun drink for each person indicated, paper plates, ribbon-tied napkins with utensils, and personalized greeting hand-written on a notecard.

How far ahead do I need to order and how late can I cancel?

24 hour notice is required for both ordering and cancellation of all of our meals.


Where do you deliver?

We service the greater Richmond, VA area.

If you have a question regarding the boundaries of our service area, email us at or call us at 804-372-7474.

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What are my delivery options?

Since we cook at a commissary commercial kitchen we do not offer an option to pick up our meals. However, we understand that some customers will want to deliver a meal themselves to their friends, family and neighbors. If you do not want us to deliver the meal directly to the recipient, there is an option to have it delivered to the home or work address of the meal sender.

What if no one is home at the time of delivery?

The day before delivery each recipient will receive an email, with the sender copied on the email as well, explaining that a Support Supper has been ordered for them, by whom, and what they can expect as far as delivery time and date. If the recipient is not home at the time of delivery, we explain that the meal bag will be left on their front doorstep and they are given the option to reply with an alternative location if they wish. When we deliver a meal to a place where no one is physically present to receive it, we send another follow-up email confirming for the recipient and the sender that the meal has been delivered. Since our meals are delivered in a dual-compartment cooler bag, the integrity of the meal will be maintained if the recipient retrieves the meal bag within a few hours of delivery. We also offer the option for senders to received the meal and deliver it themselves.

How will the Support Supper stay fresh in transit?

Our signature delivery bag is not only a fun souvenir from receiving a Support Supper, it also helps us maintain the integrity and safety of our meals as they travel from our kitchen to the homes of our customers. One compartment of the bag is for our hot foods, which are also strategically packaged in a foil serving tray so if needed they can be removed from the bag and kept safely in a 200 degree oven until you’re ready to eat them. The other compartment is for our cold foods and drinks and include a frozen water bottle to maintain a nice cold temperature, even if there isn’t room in your refrigerator to store them, until you’re ready to eat.

The Food

What are my options for vegetarians and food allergies?

We do our best to accommodate the dietary needs of our customers. Each day we prepare a set menu and this menu changes daily to offer a variety of options for our customers with dietary considerations. On our menu pages we will indicate if we are able to make certain dietary accommodations to each meal. While we take food allergies and diets very seriously we do cook in a commissary commercial kitchen that processes all types of food. We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not occur in our meals. Please contact us directly via phone, email or social media to discuss specific concerns.

Are the ingredients organic?

Many of our ingredients are organic, but we do not focus on exclusively using organic ingredients. We obtain our ingredients fresh, daily from reputable and trustworthy suppliers and strive to serve a fresh, healthy and delicious meal that you will enjoy as much as we do.

Do you provide nutritional and calorie information?

Since the exact nutrient amounts will depend on serving sizes, varying sizes of produce and condiments, we aren’t able to provide full nutritional information.

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