Summer Garden Time

Is it really the middle of June already? I can’t believe there are already fruits and vegetables growing in the backyard garden. While I love having a garden, I always struggle to make use of the literal fruits of my labor before they spoil.

This week’s tip is inspired by my youngest kiddo who loves strawberries, especially the ones fresh from the field. Soak strawberries in water with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to extend their shelf life.

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Mason Jars

If you’ve ever been the recipient of one of our Support Suppers then you may have some unoccupied mason jars in your kitchen. I love mason jars. They are so versatile as a kitchen tool, serving bowl or even decorative accent for entertaining.

I’ve always known they are great for shaking up a quick salad dressing, but when I found this week’s cooking tip, it never occurred to me to use one for whipping fresh cream. What a convenient way to make the perfect amount of fresh whipped cream for fresh fruit desserts without having to clean a mixer and mixing blade afterward.

Select an appropriately sized mason jar, pour the desired amount of fresh whipping cream into a mason jar without filling it beyond halfway, seal it tight and shake until the desired consistency is achieved. If you keep shaking it long enough, you can take it all the way to butter.

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Haste Makes Waste

One of my weekly grocery purchases both personally and for Support Suppers are boxes of mixed greens for daily salads. It's a product that has evolved in such a way that makes it easier than ever to make beautiful salads on a regular basis. But while I appreciate innovation, it drives me nuts when I crack open a brand new box with an expiration date over a week away only to find parts of it on the verge of spoiling.

Spring Herb Garden

Herbs on Cutting Board

I think it's safe to say Spring has sprung in Richmond. For my family this means planting our small herb and vegetable garden in our backyard. Trust me we're no green thumbs over here, but it makes for a fun daily activity for the kids to tend to and it's awesome having fresh herbs and if we're lucky fresh veggies on-hand when cooking at home.

Those fresh herbs can be delicious but a little more messy to work with than a convenient jar of dried herbs. So, when you're chopping fresh herbs, try a pinch or two of course salt on the cutting board to help keep the herbs together.

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Blenders, They're Not Just For Margaritas

Blenders, They're Not Just For Margaritas

One of the first things I bought for Support Suppers was a VitaMix Blender. And by bought I mean used my 2015 Costco rebate and wrapped it up for the boys to give me as a Mother's Day present because who buys a $300 blender! But it was important to me since one of the cornerstones of our product is our delicious homemade dressings served in fabric covered mason jars.