Pumpkin What?

pumpkin play dough.jpg

Since starting Support Suppers, I’ve become a lot more creative and adventurous in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s partly due to the utility of using what I have to make what I want without having to pay someone else to do it. But I’d say it’s mostly confidence to make proper adaptations and preparations to ensure a tasty outcome and make things efficiently without taking a lot of my time or making a huge mess.

Recently at my Kindergarteners Parent Night, the teacher put out sign-up sheets for parents to volunteer to contribute certain things to the classroom parties throughout the year. The first party was the Halloween party and all of the traditional items were taken...even double-taken except for one...PUMPKIN PLAY DOUGH (cue the horror movie music). I’ll preface this by explaining that I wasn’t even allowed to play with play dough as a child, so I acknowledge the mess it can make but turn a blind eye to it on account of making my own childhood play dough dreams come true for my children. I asked the teacher what it was all about, thinking maybe I just had to pick-up some mini-packs at Costco. Nope, she had a “really easy” recipe to use real pumpkin (turns out just Pumpkin Pie Spice) to make homemade play dough for each child to explore the smell and texture of pumpkin at the classroom Halloween party.

I was tempted to slowly back out of the classroom and run away, but how could I now. I cook for living for goodness sake, if anyone SHOULD sign-up to make pumpkin play dough, it probably should be me. I begrudgingly completed the party sign-up with a note to please send me the recipe. This past Friday, I discovered the recipe while cleaning out the little guy’s backpack and stuck it to the fridge. Today, we made it, and maybe it’s just my sense of adventure in the kitchen talking, but it was “really easy”, and really FUN!

Within minutes of starting the project, my kindergartener discovered me and ran to grab his little apron to help. He is literally the worst eater but he loved smelling the dough while he helped me kneed it, cut it and roll it into 20 individual balls. “It smells like cinnamon,” he said with his sweet mispronunciation of the word cinnamon. There was one ball left over that he and his brother got to play with at the counter while I cleaned up. They played and created for almost an hour with that little ball of leftover dough. I’m not suggesting that everyone should try to make play dough, and I certainly don’t blame you if you don’t, but if you want the recipe shoot me an email at kate@supportsuppers.com.

Despite knocking out all of this obligatory fall family fun we still found time to post our cooking dates and menus through the end of January 2019. Check out what’s cooking at supportsuppers.com as well as our Gift Meal option which makes a great holiday gift! Thank you for your Support and Happy Fall Y’all!