Great American Road Trip

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We are back this week after another family week off this summer. This time around included even more family and friends and A LOT of windshield time. 

I am notorious for committing to a family road trip adventure and then almost instantly dreading it. Back in the spring when my husband said he was going to travel to the Cincinnati area for a party celebrating the 70th birthdays of two of his uncles, I didn’t even think twice about agreeing to pack up the car and drive there as a family. After all, isn’t that what summer is for? But, it included travel on a busy holiday week and the long road trip to Kentucky in April for spring break was still fresh in my mind. To make it easier on all of us we decided to break up the trip home by stopping to visit some of our old favorite places on the way back, driving a little bit each day until we were back in Richmond. Six nights, 4 cities, 4 different hotels...what a great idea (eye roll). Even though just the thought of it makes me feel exhausted, it actually was a pretty great idea.

The birthday party was well attended by extended family that we hadn’t seen in years and probably won’t see again for many more. It was a hot day on a midwest lake and we all spent a chill day together floating, drinking, eating and celebrating. The next day we visited with my cousin and took the boys to the largest model train exhibit in the world to watch their little heads explode with excitement. We stopped in small towns we passed along the way and ate at our favorite spots in Columbus. We visited my mother and sister in Pittsburgh and stayed for a day at Kennywood Park, which I swear has not changed at all in the 15 years or so since I’d been there last. On 4th of July, we started the day riding the inclines at Station Square in Pittsburgh and ended the day watching fireworks frame the Washington Monument on the National Mall.

See what I mean...exhausting! But so much fun. We were greeted by friendly people everywhere we went and it reminded me of how much fun it can be to introduce the children to people and places that have made an impact on our lives. If you’re feeling up to a Great American Road Trip of your own, check out the link below for some ideas, I highly recommend #14!

25 Essential Drives for a U.S. Road Trip

While I wish I was serving up some homemade pierogi and Primanti Bros.® sammiches to you all this week, we still have a great line-up scheduled. Check out what’s cooking and let us help you show some love and Support to your loved ones this week. Happy summer and thank you for your Support.