Butternut Squash Soup

Greetings everyone! I know it’s been a little while since I’ve blogged so I just wanted to check in and say “Hi!” A lot has happened since my last post. Support Suppers celebrated it’s 2 year anniversary, I sent my first kiddo off to Kindergarten, we prepared for the first East Coast hurricane of the season, among many other things too. But as the seasons and our mindsets change I wanted to share some of these thoughts.

I am grateful for the Support this community has shown us over the last two years. You’ve restored my faith in humanity and showed me the kindness and compassion that you have for your loved ones. With your words and actions, I came to know an RVA that was different than the one I felt I knew before. If anyone is on the fence about how amazing this town is, give me a call, I can be very convincing and I have a lot of proof.

I am grateful that our community missed the wrath of Hurricane Florence, and am hopeful we don’t have to face another scare this season. I didn’t mind the crowds at Costco or the day off of school because I gained a weekend with my family where I didn’t have to worry about electricity or their safety, or spend my free time bailing water out of our basement and cleaning debris from our yard. I did a lot of cooking (and eating) this weekend, like the Butternut Squash Soup pictured above that was very distinctly NOT a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or cold canned spaghetti o’s like our neighbors to the South may be dining on right now. And I pray that those affected find the community support in their recovery the likes of RVA.

We have a tasty lineup of menus this week as well as our dates and menus for the rest of September and October. Check out what’s cooking and let us help you Support yourself or your loved ones with a delicious meal. Thank you for all of your Support and encouragement over the past two years.