A Family Affair

keeneland 650.jpg

This week is the beginning of a very exciting week in our family, Derby week! Not only a celebration of May and Spring, the Derby and thoroughbred horse racing is an event that can be enjoyed together by generations of families. It might be one of the few family activities that we can all get excited about going to, three generations having an equally amazing time.

We often use visits to Kentucky to attend live races at Keeneland or Churchill Downs as a vacation from the Support Suppers responsibilities we share as a family. As you may know, my sister helps me with the cooking, cleaning, and deliveries after working at her teaching job, but my husband built and manages the website and creates our marketing materials during his evening free time. Even our boys help things run smoothly by patiently entertaining themselves during after-school deliveries and keeping quiet while I take phone calls or navigate taxes. So having an activity to share together and celebrate our hard work and patience is something I will always cherish.

Soon we may not have to travel all the way to Kentucky to catch a great day of racing in the beautiful countryside. Check out this Richmond Times-Dispatch® article about the future plans for Colonial Downs® here in Central Virginia.

We have a tasty week of menus ahead. Check out what’s cooking at supportsuppers.com and let us help make your week a little easier. Thank you for your Support and cheers to a lovely Derby weekend!