What Is Meant to Be Will Be

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but in an effort to pay it forward, here goes...what is meant to be will be.

It’s a simple yet powerful piece of advice that my sister serves to me whenever I try to force something to work out for Support Suppers. It doesn’t mean be complacent, or stop fighting for what you believe in, or quit working your hardest and leveraging all of your resources to reach your goals. To me it means, have faith in the journey, endure the disappointment and heartbreak because surely what is yet to come will be worth it, if you trust your instincts, make thoughtful decisions and have patience.

The first 5 years of starting a business are easy...SAID NO ONE EVER! Difficult as they may be it’s the countless successes and failures and people you meet during these critical first years that help determine the path of your company. When I worked a corporate sales job, the competition was fierce and we were trained to view other companies in our space and their team of employees as the enemy. Fortunately, that’s not a hard habit to break, (fun fact: my very first order came from a woman I knew from a competing company at the job I quit to start Support Suppers) and I quickly formed uplifting relationships and partnerships with similar small businesses. We all have to eat and as long as you make a great product with an audience of customers willing to consume it, there really is space for all of us.

Within the first six months of being in business, I was looking for a shared kitchen space with another business owner we’d met and aligned with. After months of looking and no spaces proving to be a perfect fit, we abandoned the search. Then a few months later, what I thought was the most perfect little retail kitchen space for just Support Suppers crossed our path, but in a heartbreaking David vs. Goliath, we weren’t allowed to lease the space due to a large anchor store having an exclusive on the property. Countless more imperfect kitchen opportunities came and went as I considered going back to work to pay for our growth and hiring my sister as the full-time manager. Flash forward almost another full year and the business that I started my search with reached out with an opportunity to share the perfect little commercial kitchen in the perfect location. Meant...to...be!

This month we start cooking in this new space with this lovely group of people and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This change, albeit an adjustment, represents an investment in the future growth and sustainability for both of our businesses. Although, just one of the many moving parts happening “behind the scenes” this year, this is a big “win” for Support Suppers and I appreciate your patience and understanding as I attempt to navigate these changes seamlessly.

We currently have our June dates and menus posted and will work to finalize and post July and August on supportsuppers.com in the coming weeks. As we close out our third year and prepare for the changes ahead, we thank you again for all of your Support and encouragement along the way. Cheers to Summer!