DIY Take-Out

Primantis DIY.jpg

Happy New Year everyone! It’s good to be back...errr, I mean after all this snow melts and we get back to normal temperatures. All inconvenience aside, being snowed in isn’t all bad. We had hours of free entertainment right outside our door. There was plenty of good television to watch. And of course, lots of tasty food to cook and eat.

Love us or hate us for it, we grew up in Pittsburgh, so we were thrilled to have a Christmas Day Steelers game to add to our holiday celebration. My sister thought it would be fun to order Primanti Brothers sandwich kits, a Pittsburgh favorite, for our Christmas dinner. But, as with any nostalgic, local specialty fare, it’s gonna cost you. Nicole’s not a quitter though, she got to work researching copy kat recipes and in no time we had a plan to divide and conquer our Christmas dinner. Pictured above, it might not have been fancy, but it sure was tasty. If you like to cook and you haven’t check out, give it a try, you may never order take-out ever again.

We have a great lineup of cold weather comfort food this week. Check out what’s cooking or order a Gift Meal at and let us help you or loved ones with dinner this week. Thanks for your Support.