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Beef Short Rib Ragu over Pasta

Beef Short Rib Ragu over Pasta

I feel a little behind the times as I scroll through my blogs and social media feed to find groups of people obsessing over the Instapots they got for Christmas. I discovered the Instapot® when

I started Support Suppers as a solution to including my favorite Crock Pot® recipes on our menu without having to book the commercial kitchen all day waiting for the recipe to cook. I was really excited to find a solution but that’s about as far as it went. If you’ve recently begun your love affair with this newly popular kitchen appliance then here are some tips to keep that relationship strong and healthy. 

First, respect the learning process. When I first started using it I never called it an Instapot, I called it a pressure cooker, because that’s what it is. That meant I had a healthy fear of it and understood that, unlike most kitchen appliances I buy, I needed to get comfortable and read the instructions like they were a best-selling novel.

Second, just because the digital timer says 15 minutes does not mean that your recipe is cooked and ready to go in that amount of time. Plan ahead for ample warm-up time and most importantly venting time after the timer goes off.

Third, as with even my favorite Crock Pot recipes, the juices created during the cooking process will likely need to be reduced on the stovetop to best enhance your recipe. This may be an extra step, taking extra time and creating more mess and clean up, but reducing the juices to rich, flavorful sauces will substantially increase yours and your family’s happiness with the finished product.

Last, just because they call it something different doesn’t mean you need all new recipes. Start with your favorite Crock Pot recipes and just enjoy the fact that you didn’t have to start dinner prep before breakfast to make sure dinner was done in time.
This week we have a great line-up of crowd pleasers including my favorite Crock Pot/Instapot recipe on Thursday. Check out what’s cooking and our Gift Meal option at and let us help you Support yourself or others this week. Thanks for your Support and happy and safe cooking to all the Instapotters out there.