Lyrical Poets


When I started this business, I knew that I would be serving a variety of situations, some joyful, some trying and some devastating. I made the decision to stay empathetic to the people we serve without becoming personally involved. We aren’t the ones sending the dinner after all, we are the link between two human connections supporting one another.

But since I do personally hand-write every personal message, I always read it in its entirety before writing it so I don’t make any careless mistakes copying the words. Some of y’all...cue the waterworks...y’all know just what to say and say it with such thoughtfulness, care and grace. And that’s no easy task. Sometimes I wonder if it just came to them on the first try or if they spent hours on our website writing, erasing and rewriting the message before placing their order.

I’m envisioning myself in this situation, writing a thoughtful, poetic message, maybe even a relevant quotation, then reading it back to myself and chickening out to a safe and simple “thoughts and prayers”. I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve said some miserable things that I wish I could get a REDO on. This article has suggestions for how to respond during difficult situations:

Psychology Today - What Grieving Friends Wish You’d Say

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