Almost Famous

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It always cracks me up when I answer a phone call or deliver a meal and people are surprised that it’s me on the other end. As if being the owner of this little get up either makes me a big deal or just the bucks behind the business. I totally get it though, because before I embarked on this journey I really had no clue what went into starting a small business from the ground up and growing it to be the dream you’ve always envisioned.

So this week, since many of you may be traveling for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, instead of a cooking tip, I am going to share one of my ongoing sources of encouragement and inspiration.

NPR’s “How I Built This” is a podcast where the host interviews entrepreneurs who built companies and brands that we all now know or remember as major companies. The stories all start from the very beginning doing a really excellent job of highlighting the founder’s visions, hurdles, and turning points along their long journeys to success...and sometimes failure. Either way, it is an excellent glimpse into the life of a small business owner as they pour their heart into making their dream a success.

We’re living out the dream of giving you a better way to Support the people in your life. So check out what we’re cooking up at I’ll get an alert on my phone that you’ve placed an order, carefully prepare all of the details, then my sister and I will personally cook something delicious for you and your family or loved ones to enjoy, and deliver it right to the doorstep. Thanks for all of your Support and have a great holiday weekend.