We're Back, Baby!

Eclipse Cupcakes

We’re back from vacation and I can’t believe Summer is nearly over. With some schools already back in session, we’re also ready to kick off our second year. Check out our fall cooking dates and menus now posted through the end of November at supportsuppers.com

As I’m sure you know, something very exciting is going to happen in the skies over the United States tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, it was a little tough to leave South Carolina two days before the Solar Eclipse. 

As a child, my life goal was to go to space camp. I have fond memories of setting alarms for 2am on vacation to go to the beach and watch meteor showers. I’ve never missed a lunar eclipse and remember watching multiple space shuttle launches through binoculars. I’m a space geek. So this week instead of a cooking tip, I’m going to share some fun solar eclipse themed recipes that celebrate this rare and exciting event:

The Coolest Food and Drink Specials for the Great American Eclipse

I think you’ll find these recipes far classier than the solar eclipse cupcakes my kids made this afternoon with some leftover black fondant, also known in our house as edible play dough. Enjoy and as always thank you for your Support.