The Human Experience

Daisy Patch.jpg

The weather was unseasonably warm the day after our family dog “Daisy” passed away unexpectedly and my husband and I were sitting outside as our kids rode their bikes in the driveway. A delivery van passed by so we moved the kids to the side waiting for the road to clear again, but the van came to a stop. We watched because my boys are fascinated by delivery trucks, but I was confident it wasn’t for us as we weren’t expecting anything. I watched as the young man emerged from the door with a flower arrangement of all white daisies and broke down in tears. My husband collected the arrangement while I gathered my emotions away from the kids. Without even reading the card, I received the message of Support.

When we created Support Suppers we sought to create a product and experience that helped people Support one another in a similar way. But as I look back at the past year at the feedback I’ve received and reviews you all have shared, I seldom hear stories of the emotional experience, like my own with the flower delivery. The flowers were beautiful, but the gesture brought me to tears.

This week on vacation, I am rereading Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s book Option B and as I relate it to my everyday work at Support Suppers, I want to reach out to my customers. Not just those that have ever received a gift from Support Suppers, but those that have sent them too.

What was the emotional experience of sending and receiving a Support Suppers like? Not the meal or the food but the gesture itself or the message in the card from the person or group that sent it. I know this isn’t always an easy topic, and we certainly Support a wide range of different situations in our customer's lives, but if you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to know. Or if you have any additional feedback, we’d love to hear that too. Please email me at Thanks for your Support.