Beer + Old Bay® = Steamed Shrimp All Day

Peeled shrimp

We don’t have any meals cooking this week as we enjoy some time away as a family, but we will be able to fulfill all Gift Meal orders placed this week without interruption.

We are also excited to announce that we have posted all of our cooking dates and menus through the end of October to Get excited for Fall as some of our favorite comfort foods come back to the regular menu rotation.

Before we get too excited for cooler temps though, in honor of vacation our cooking tip this week will feature one of my all-time favorite comfort foods from the shore. In my opinion, Old Bay Steamed Shrimp actually transitions right into Fall with football games and tailgating. At the beach though, scoring some fresh-caught shrimp and pairing it with a delivery pizza or spaghetti with marinara for a lazy, stay-at-home dinner is comfort food heaven.

Fill a medium-sized sauce pan with a steam basket and one can or bottle of beer. Place the shrimp, shell-on, in the steam basket one layer at a time seasoning generously with Old Bay brand seasoning. Cover and bring to a boil cooking just until all of the shrimp turn pink. Depending on how many layers you have in the pot, you may need to toss the shrimp with a wooden spoon while cooking to make sure the steam gets to every shrimp evenly. Serve hot or cold with lemon and cocktail sauce. Leftovers make great salad-toppers for lunch or dinner the next day too.

As always, thank you for your Support and we’ll see you next week after we enjoy some...fresh seafood.