Secret Ingredients

Guacamole and ingredients

During the Summer I always keep ingredients on hand for my favorite side dish recipes to bring to impromptu get-togethers with friends and family. They’re generally crowd pleasers, which sometimes surprises me because many of my favorite recipes come from online searches. However, I rarely follow online recipes exactly. I often “go rogue” making changes based on the ingredients I have, and what I believe will pack the most flavor into the finished product.

One of my favorite substitution ingredients is shallots. I always have shallots on hand, they’re relatively inexpensive and stay fresh for a long time without taking up a lot of counter space. Whenever a cold recipe calls for diced onions or red onions, I often substitute a smaller portion of minced shallots. I do this in my favorite guacamole recipe and it’s always a hit. For me, it’s a much more pleasing bite than getting a mouth full of raw diced onions.

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