Fired Up

Grilled skewers

On hot summer evenings around dinner time, I’m usually outside watering the garden. I love the smokey scent that fills the air from my neighbor’s grills cooking dinner for their families with fresh meats and vegetables. We love cooking on the grill as well. Tonight's cooking tip is all about the grill.

For a great way to clean your grill after cooking on it, cut a Vidalia Onion in half and lightly seasoned it with olive oil. Slide the onion half, oil side down, over the cooking surface until the grates are free of debris. This is a safe and easy way to keep the grill grates clean while keeping them seasoned for your next tasty grilled meal.

We have another full week of delicious meals planned including two of our Summer Picnic menus. Check out what’s cooking at and let us help with dinner this summer. Thanks for your Support!