Summer Picnics

picnic basket on table

We’re gearing up for Summer with three refreshing entrees on the menu this week. We are also excited to be working on our July and August menus and cooking dates which we plan to post to later this week.

This is our first Summer in business so we’ve spent some time brainstorming fun and creative ways to help you Support your friends and family, and maybe even treat yourself to a night off too. 

We will be featuring “Summer Picnic” menus on several Monday and Wednesday nights in July and August. These meals feature our favorite cold-serve recipes. Summer salads & soups, artisan sandwiches, bite-sized proteins, all delivered in our signature delivery bag ready for you to grab and the swim meet, baseball game, park, vineyard, brewery, etc. So you can skip the drive-thru and enjoy a complete, delicious meal with your family while also enjoying Summer’s plentiful outdoor activities.

Check out what’s cooking at and let us help you Support your loved ones and yourself to a delicious meal this Summer. Thanks for your Support and for the love of Summer and Gazpacho check out this recipe from The Pioneer Woman: