A Labor of Love

Kentucky Bourbon Ball

This week our cooking schedule is a little different to account for our preparation for St. Gertrude Gator Gourmet on Wednesday, April 5 from 5:30-8pm. We'd love to see you there, tickets are $25 and can be purchased at saintgertrude.org/gatorgourmet. We're attempting to make a run for the "Best Dessert" prize with our Kentucky Bourbon Balls, so we'd love to borrow your taste buds and your vote too.

Making Bourbon Balls is a very methodical sequence of steps, usually over a series of days, that allows for a lot of mind wandering. I usually always reflect back to my first several attempts at following my mother-in-law's recipe, in which I probably wasn't giving enough appreciation to the skill and craft that goes into making this tiny treat. I recall the unrecognizable clumps of mush and the frustration I felt at not being able to make this recipe. 

It wasn't until I asked her to make them alongside me that I finally made an edible Bourbon Ball, maybe not so pretty but delicious and recognizable. These days when I look at the hundreds of Bourbon Balls that I make in large batches, it's like looking at little works of art.

So when I catch myself wondering why my friends and neighbors, who anxiously await their annual allocation of Christmas Bourbon Balls, don't just hop on the internet and download a recipe to make their own, I remind myself of my own first attempts. Not everyone has a family member to pass down a craft or a tradition. I am hopeful I can pass my expertise down to generations, but in the meantime I'll appreciate that some people just want to appreciate my craft without all the work.

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