A Memorable Meal

It's strange to me that I have so many memories of meals. I’m sure someone could psychoanalyze that for me and come up with an interesting explanation; one that I could probably attribute those 10 extra pounds to.

I found myself in a situation with Support Suppers last week that had me recalling a meal at a small Italian restaurant in New Rochelle, NY after my Grandmother’s receiving hours. I’m not sure if it was the food itself, the hospitality of the restaurant not rushing us even though it was late on a weeknight, or the company and joviality of my family after what ended up being a really long, exhausting day. Likely a combination of all three, what I recall was delicious food and wine, laughter and story-sharing and so much food consumption that we surprised even ourselves.

Physically, we were hungry. Emotionally, we were exhausted. That meal nourished our souls which is probably why I remember it so vividly.

The reason I found myself recalling this meal was two-fold. The first was a friend who was personally grieving a loss, but was selflessly calling for Support of two others. The next was a group of families wishing to Support one family upon their homecoming from a hospital stay. However the group decided not to send Support after asking the family if they needed it.

Maybe it's that we don’t recognize that we need the help or that a little help would be an appreciated escape. Maybe we are too proud or even humble to accept it when it’s offered. If you ask someone if they need help, in my experience rarely will they accept. But if you roll up your sleeves and just show up to help no questions asked, it’s usually accepted and always appreciated.

That night after my Grandmother’s receiving hours we could have just ordered a pizza to our hotel room and headed to bed. But because we somehow managed to muster the energy to find a restaurant and power through a family meal, I have a really lovely memory attached to the celebration of the life of a really deserving woman.

So don’t ask, just do it. You’ll never regret that you did, and you may create that memory that will have touched that person’s life forever.