Spring into Entertaining

We've changed the clocks, the weather is warming up, Spring is nearly here and it's time to get out of hibernation and start planning all of the celebrations and gatherings for the coming months.

It wasn't but 2 years ago that I forked over a small fortune for the lovely backyard dinner reception honoring the Baptism of our second child. It was a necessary expense if I was to enjoy the ceremony without the stress of feeding and entertaining a hungry group of family and friends, but the cost and planning process was completely unreasonable.

If you have a small or unexpected gathering that you need a delicious, convenient and affordable catering option for, Support Suppers can help with that. To learn more about our catering offering please visit supportsuppers.com/catering.

If you're not planning any parties this year, lucky you ;)! Check out what's cooking this week and treat yourself or your friends, family and neighbors to a delicious meal delivered this week.