Cold Weather Comfort

Support Suppers Sugar Cookies

We got our first taste of winter weather this weekend. I could tell because my energetic little boys get cabin fever and start looking for things to do indoors. One of their favorite things to do on a cold weekend day is make and decorate sugar cut-out cookies. I can’t say I mind because I LOVE iced sugar cookies and hopefully I’m nurturing the inner talent of one of them to make those gorgeous little works of art as they get older.

Have you ever tried to make those beautiful iced sugar cookies? Maybe this year is the year to surprise your friends, family, and neighbors with cookies too beautiful to eat but too delicious to resist. 

This weeks cooking tip is my go-to recipe for royal icing, graciously shared with me several years ago by a friend who now owns a cookie bakery, the cookie bakery that made the cookies in the picture featured on this post. Sweetopia also has great cookie recipes, video tutorials, and helpful tips to help you make your holiday cookies amazing.

Royal Icing Recipe

We have a great menu lined up this week, but we’re also excited to announce that we’ve posted our menus for December and January as well as some VERY exciting Holiday Gift features to help you treat your friends, family, and neighbors with tasty Holiday greetings this year. Check it out at and please share the news with your local friends and family so we can help get the word out. Thanks for all of your Support, we can’t wait to help spread Holiday Cheer this season!