Creative Food

Pumpkin Pancake.jpg

My kids are pretty obsessed with YouTube Kids. For the most part they like to watch videos about trains and monster trucks, but sometimes they drift off the beaten path.

My oldest discovered a video with two twenty-something women making different princesses out of colorful pancake batter. He’s been bugging me for several days about making some “fancy pancakes” on his own using the skills he acquired watching the videos.

Tonight, in an attempt to get something relatively wholesome into his mouth, I told him we could give it a go. He mixed two colors of batter, I transferred them into plastic ketchup and mustard bottles and I let him design a pumpkin onto the pan. I helped him flip it but other than that it was all him.

He’s my picky eater, but he loves to help me cook and bake. This pancake activity was super quick and easy, not particularly messy and something he could eat right away. Give it a try with the little ones in your life or just impress your family this fall.

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