Tasty Traditions

Pumpking Carving.jpg

Halloween week is here and it’s such an exciting time for our family. We carved our pumpkins tonight in preparation for the Trick or Treaters and our annual neighborhood Halloween party. 

The smell of a lit Jack O’ Lantern is such a comforting and nostalgic smell that reminds me of trick or treating as a child. But my next favorite thing to do with carved pumpkins is toasted pumpkin seeds. Tonight we made a traditional flavor with sea salt and worcestershire sauce and an Asian flavor with Togarashi Japanese spice and soy sauce. Both were very tasty.

As you carve your pumpkins this week, don’t forget to save a few seeds to try some of these fun pumpkin seed recipes.


This week our dinner menus start back up on November 1st and we have offerings three nights to make up for being on vacation last week and the beginning of this week. Check out what’s cooking this week and the rest of this harvest month at supportsuppers.com and let us help with dinner. Thank you for your Support and enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween!