Act Small, Dream Big

Dream Big

I’ve always been a “dreamer”, so much so that sometimes I get carried away in my own imagination and have to bring things back to reality. That combined with a little OCD and ADHD means my mind swirls with ideas. Most of them are unrealistic or too situational and easily get forgotten. Support Suppers was really the first of thousands of ideas that really stuck with me and had a chance for practical success in the real world. I read an article recently that it might have something to do with my birth order. At the time I thought, “Yeah, I could buy into that being a birth order trait”. I’m the third born in a family with four children and our youngest sibling has Down Syndrome which simply means that whether it was my nature to or not, I had to display some independence. But, this week I think that reality struck in a very, real and raw moment, that I think every “dreamer” needs to have to be successful. 

For months now, my husband and I have been working hard on Support Suppers, something that we both believe very strongly in and pour so much of ourselves into to ensure its success is realized not just for us, but for future generations of our family. For us both being very active social media participants, it has been very surprising and downright refreshing that we receive so much positive feedback and support, often from complete strangers. It has allowed us to stay blissfully ignorant to any realistic doubt as we pour our time and savings into this business. 

This week my sister and I were at the kitchen preparing a delivery and I was informing her about my announcement of the “Gift Meal” option, a new way to buy a Support Supper, that lets the recipient choose the meal and delivery date. When we were packing up she must have found the post on her phone to share it, because she read aloud someone’s comment referencing “going nationwide” and she literally laughed out loud. 

Now keeping in mind, we have been doing commerce for all of 4 weeks, we work in a commissary kitchen, we are barely a 2 employee operation, and we are truly in our infancy, I get it “nationwide” is a lofty goal. And I respect that maybe to her it seems completely impossible, but this was a reality check for me. It was the first time anyone has expressed any amount of doubt either to me or in front of me. I didn’t realize how much I needed that. 

She’s my oldest sibling, our family’s first born. Her creativity and execution amazes me when we explore new recipes and develop our menu offerings. Her involvement in the business side is limited to helping market our brand and service and spread the word, and she is very good at that. She is very well connected and respected in our community. When my husband and I developed this business our hope/goal was that it could be successful in our local community, but our dream is that someday, maybe we could franchise around the country and develop a brand that could become synonymous with love and support for one another. It still kills me that I own this business and I cannot send a meal to my mother in law who just had knee surgery in Louisville, KY or my cousin who is expecting in Asheville, NC. 

I have great respect for this process. I have to if we’ll ever get there. Step by step, one day at time we will grow something wonderful in hopes that some day, that seems like an eternity from now, but maybe will feel like it arrived before we knew it, we can reach more people than we ever thought was possible.