Support Small

It’s here y’all, the holidays are upon us. For me and my family this years Thanksgiving and holiday season serve as a reminder to a very difficult traumatic event from one year ago. One that seemed to numb us for the entire season, so for us it seems like forever since we’ve had a chance to “celebrate” the season. A lot has changed since last year, and we’ve decided to switch things up a bit. 

For one thing, I used to loathe traveling for Thanksgiving. I still kind of do, the idea of laying low for 4 straight days with nowhere to be and no one to get dressed for far outweighs battling highway traffic in the dark of daylight savings with 2 toddlers strapped in the car. But this year we are going to start our holiday on Sunday, that’s right, we’re shutting it down for a whole week. 

First stop, the magical holiday wonder of West Virginia, where not only have the Christmas decorations been up for weeks, but the first snow is expected on the day of our arrival. We’ll look at the lights and decorations, play in the snow, watch Christmas movies at the hotel, swim in the heated indoor pool and eat lots of delicious holiday treats. Since both of the kiddos are super into trains, we’re also adventuring to the steam railways and museums. 

After that we’ll continue on to Grammy’s house, where I will enjoy minimal Thanksgiving dinner cooking responsibilities, visit with old college friends and take the boys to Churchill Downs to enjoy some of their other interests: racing of any kind and horses. 

But there is also something else that we’ll get to do that’s different this year. As an aspiring small business owner, I’ve always found the “Small Business Saturday” and “Shop Small” campaigns charming and intriguing. In fact, we usually take the time on our lazy holiday to venture out to a small business that we noticed in passing, but never took the time to stop and explore. 

This year, I get to participate as a small business owner…pause…YAYYY! Seriously, I’m super excited about it, it still feels like a dream come true. And Small Business Saturday feels like one of the hallmarks of being a small business owner. So we’re doing it up BIG TIME over here at Support Suppers. We may not be in the kitchen but we are here and open for business and as a treat to all of our friends and supporters and hopefully lots of new folks too with your help spreading the word we are offering 20% off all of our meals and gift meal orders for a full 24 hours with the code “SupportSmall” from 12am to 11:59pm on Saturday, November, 26, 2016. 

We’ll have our meal calendars posted through the end of January or if that timing doesn’t align for you, our Gift Meals can be redeemed anytime and never expire. Whether as a treat for you or for someone else, consider letting us delight the people on your gift list all year long with a gift from Support Suppers.

Thank you so much for the love and Support you all have shown me during this past year and I hope you and your families enjoy a love-filled holiday season.

Little boy in elf outfit with shocked look on his face