We're Back, Baby!

Eclipse Cupcakes

We’re back from vacation and I can’t believe Summer is nearly over. With some schools already back in session, we’re also ready to kick off our second year. Check out our fall cooking dates and menus now posted through the end of November at supportsuppers.com

As I’m sure you know, something very exciting is going to happen in the skies over the United States tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, it was a little tough to leave South Carolina two days before the Solar Eclipse. 

As a child, my life goal was to go to space camp. I have fond memories of setting alarms for 2am on vacation to go to the beach and watch meteor showers. I’ve never missed a lunar eclipse and remember watching multiple space shuttle launches through binoculars. I’m a space geek. So this week instead of a cooking tip, I’m going to share some fun solar eclipse themed recipes that celebrate this rare and exciting event:

The Coolest Food and Drink Specials for the Great American Eclipse

I think you’ll find these recipes far classier than the solar eclipse cupcakes my kids made this afternoon with some leftover black fondant, also known in our house as edible play dough. Enjoy and as always thank you for your Support.

The Human Experience

Daisy Patch.jpg

The weather was unseasonably warm the day after our family dog “Daisy” passed away unexpectedly and my husband and I were sitting outside as our kids rode their bikes in the driveway. A delivery van passed by so we moved the kids to the side waiting for the road to clear again, but the van came to a stop. We watched because my boys are fascinated by delivery trucks, but I was confident it wasn’t for us as we weren’t expecting anything. I watched as the young man emerged from the door with a flower arrangement of all white daisies and broke down in tears. My husband collected the arrangement while I gathered my emotions away from the kids. Without even reading the card, I received the message of Support.

When we created Support Suppers we sought to create a product and experience that helped people Support one another in a similar way. But as I look back at the past year at the feedback I’ve received and reviews you all have shared, I seldom hear stories of the emotional experience, like my own with the flower delivery. The flowers were beautiful, but the gesture brought me to tears.

This week on vacation, I am rereading Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant’s book Option B and as I relate it to my everyday work at Support Suppers, I want to reach out to my customers. Not just those that have ever received a gift from Support Suppers, but those that have sent them too.

What was the emotional experience of sending and receiving a Support Suppers like? Not the meal or the food but the gesture itself or the message in the card from the person or group that sent it. I know this isn’t always an easy topic, and we certainly Support a wide range of different situations in our customer's lives, but if you feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to know. Or if you have any additional feedback, we’d love to hear that too. Please email me at kate@supportsuppers.com. Thanks for your Support.

Beer + Old Bay® = Steamed Shrimp All Day

Peeled shrimp

We don’t have any meals cooking this week as we enjoy some time away as a family, but we will be able to fulfill all Gift Meal orders placed this week without interruption.

We are also excited to announce that we have posted all of our cooking dates and menus through the end of October to supportsuppers.com. Get excited for Fall as some of our favorite comfort foods come back to the regular menu rotation.

Before we get too excited for cooler temps though, in honor of vacation our cooking tip this week will feature one of my all-time favorite comfort foods from the shore. In my opinion, Old Bay Steamed Shrimp actually transitions right into Fall with football games and tailgating. At the beach though, scoring some fresh-caught shrimp and pairing it with a delivery pizza or spaghetti with marinara for a lazy, stay-at-home dinner is comfort food heaven.

Fill a medium-sized sauce pan with a steam basket and one can or bottle of beer. Place the shrimp, shell-on, in the steam basket one layer at a time seasoning generously with Old Bay brand seasoning. Cover and bring to a boil cooking just until all of the shrimp turn pink. Depending on how many layers you have in the pot, you may need to toss the shrimp with a wooden spoon while cooking to make sure the steam gets to every shrimp evenly. Serve hot or cold with lemon and cocktail sauce. Leftovers make great salad-toppers for lunch or dinner the next day too.

As always, thank you for your Support and we’ll see you next week after we enjoy some...fresh seafood.


Hot Grill

charcoal grill

It’s been so hot lately, it’s hard to believe that grilling food is so popular during the heat of the summer. But you know what’s worse than sweating over a hot grill? Losing the food you labored over through the grate.

This weeks tip helps with grilling those tricky smaller foods like fresh garden vegetables and fresh shrimp. Prevent ingredients from falling through the grill grate by inserting two skewers into each ingredient instead of just one. It will also help keep your ingredients from wiggling out of place when you flip them.

Our calendar offers four days of meals this week, including our Summer Picnics. Check out what’s cooking at supportsuppers.com and let us help with dinner this week. Thanks for your Support!


Fired Up

Grilled skewers

On hot summer evenings around dinner time, I’m usually outside watering the garden. I love the smokey scent that fills the air from my neighbor’s grills cooking dinner for their families with fresh meats and vegetables. We love cooking on the grill as well. Tonight's cooking tip is all about the grill.

For a great way to clean your grill after cooking on it, cut a Vidalia Onion in half and lightly seasoned it with olive oil. Slide the onion half, oil side down, over the cooking surface until the grates are free of debris. This is a safe and easy way to keep the grill grates clean while keeping them seasoned for your next tasty grilled meal.

We have another full week of delicious meals planned including two of our Summer Picnic menus. Check out what’s cooking at supportsuppers.com/order and let us help with dinner this summer. Thanks for your Support!


Secret Ingredients

Guacamole and ingredients

During the Summer I always keep ingredients on hand for my favorite side dish recipes to bring to impromptu get-togethers with friends and family. They’re generally crowd pleasers, which sometimes surprises me because many of my favorite recipes come from online searches. However, I rarely follow online recipes exactly. I often “go rogue” making changes based on the ingredients I have, and what I believe will pack the most flavor into the finished product.

One of my favorite substitution ingredients is shallots. I always have shallots on hand, they’re relatively inexpensive and stay fresh for a long time without taking up a lot of counter space. Whenever a cold recipe calls for diced onions or red onions, I often substitute a smaller portion of minced shallots. I do this in my favorite guacamole recipe and it’s always a hit. For me, it’s a much more pleasing bite than getting a mouth full of raw diced onions.

This week we have 4 days of meals on the calendar including our debut of the Summer Picnic menus. Check out what’s cooking at supportsuppers.com and let us help with dinner this week. Thanks for your Support!



Cut & Wait

garlic cloves

This past week has been pretty exciting. It started with a surprise trip to Raleigh, NC to Support some of my friends and family who live slightly outside our delivery reach. It was a long and exhausting day, but so fun to see everyone and share some of our Support Suppers love with them.

We were also featured in an article on the Richmond Moms Blog. They did a beautiful job with the article and at the end put together “18 Reasons to Make Someone’s Day with a Supper Supper!”. I LOVE it!

This week's cooking tip is about maximizing the health benefits of some of the foods we eat regularly. Did you know that letting freshly chopped garlic stand for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking it allows the healthy sulfide compounds, such as allicin to fully develop before heat inactivates the enzymes? So for maximum health benefits from garlic, Cut & Wait!

Speaking of garlic, we have two days of delicious meals lined up for the second half of the week. Check out what’s cooking, as well as our Gift Meal options and treat yourself or a loved one to a delicious summer meal. Thank you for your Support and we wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day celebration!

Summer Beverage Game-changer

Mint and lemon water

Every year there are two things in the garden that always thrive, mint and jalapeños. They grow so plentiful it’s nearly impossible to use all of them. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little ashamed of myself for not knowing about this week’s cooking tip sooner. But, it’s never too late for a good summer cooking hack!

Roughly chop fresh mint leaves and distribute generously into an ice cube tray. Fill each cube with a small amount of water and freeze. Add the ice cubes to your favorite summer drinks, like iced tea, cocktails and sparkling water.

We have a delicious week of meals scheduled as well as some fun surprises that we’ll feature on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Check out what’s cooking and our Gift Meal option and treat yourself or a loved one to a delicious meal delivered. Thank you for your Support!

Summer Garden Time

Is it really the middle of June already? I can’t believe there are already fruits and vegetables growing in the backyard garden. While I love having a garden, I always struggle to make use of the literal fruits of my labor before they spoil.

This week’s tip is inspired by my youngest kiddo who loves strawberries, especially the ones fresh from the field. Soak strawberries in water with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to extend their shelf life.

This week we’re offering three nights of delicious meals. Check out what’s cooking this week, and our entire menu through the end of August as well as our Gift Meal option. Let us delight you or a loved one with the gift of a delicious meal delivered. Thank you for your Support!

Summertime Menus

We are so excited to announce that we have posted our dates and menus for June, July and August including our Summer Picnic menus to supportsuppers.com. It was so fun to create these menus as well as add some of our favorite summertime recipes to our normal lineup.

We have a lot of fun surprises in the works this summer. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for real-time updates to our exciting journey.

This week we have three nights of delicious meals on the calendar. Check out what’s cooking and let us help you Support your loved ones or treat yourself to a break from cooking. Thank you for all of your Support and encouragement, it means the world to us!