Family & Friends


Today we enjoyed this beautiful day celebrating our littlest guys birthday with a big backyard birthday bash. Many of our family, neighbors, and friends gathered for a fun time but also to share in some delicious party food to celebrate.

When we throw parties, I spend most of the weekend prepping the food that I know my friends and family love to eat, and some of the classic foods that bring us together. To me, there really is nothing better than coming together over a good meal. We use this same hallmark when we design our menus for Support Suppers. If it’s not something that feeds your heart and soul, then it doesn’t make the cut. Do you know what the most popular food at parties has been lately?

Jalapeno Ranch! At Support Suppers, we serve it as salad dressing with our Mexican meals, but at parties we serve it alongside our homemade salsa with a bowl of tortilla chips. It’s addicting.

This week we have two heart and soul warming menus to get you and your loved ones through the week. Check out what’s cooking as well as our Gift Meal option at Many thanks for your Support!

Creative Food

Pumpkin Pancake.jpg

My kids are pretty obsessed with YouTube Kids. For the most part they like to watch videos about trains and monster trucks, but sometimes they drift off the beaten path.

My oldest discovered a video with two twenty-something women making different princesses out of colorful pancake batter. He’s been bugging me for several days about making some “fancy pancakes” on his own using the skills he acquired watching the videos.

Tonight, in an attempt to get something relatively wholesome into his mouth, I told him we could give it a go. He mixed two colors of batter, I transferred them into plastic ketchup and mustard bottles and I let him design a pumpkin onto the pan. I helped him flip it but other than that it was all him.

He’s my picky eater, but he loves to help me cook and bake. This pancake activity was super quick and easy, not particularly messy and something he could eat right away. Give it a try with the little ones in your life or just impress your family this fall.

We have more tasty menus lined up for this week, check out what’s cooking and treat yourself or your loved ones with a delicious meal or our Gift Meal gifts today. Thanks for your Support!

The Pumpkin Debate

Pumpkin patch picking

I know there are people out there that like to jump the gun on Fall. Personally, I like having September to ease my transition into the season. It’s not time to break out the pumpkins until October 1...TODAY! And what a beautiful weekend we had to bring it in.

I’m sure many of you enjoyed some time outdoors, maybe even a trip to the pumpkin patch. What does one do with all that pumpkin? 

While I like the taste of pumpkin goodies, I’m not one of those people that LOOOOOVES everything pumpkin. So this week I want to share my favorite pumpkin pie recipe. It combines the tastes that pumpkin pie lovers love about pumpkin pie, with a balance of sweet and crunchy that others are missing from traditional pumpkin pies. I knew it was a winner when my sister’s kids told me it was what they would miss one year when our Thanksgiving plans didn’t overlap. 

Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Pie

No pumpkin on the menu this week, but some very tasty fall comfort foods sure to satisfy the whole crew. Check out what’s cooking this week, as well as the rest of our Fall menus and our Gift Meal option at Thanks for your Support!

Field Day

Picking Apples Min.jpg

In its usual fashion, September literally FLEW by! When I told a neighbor this weekend that we were going to go apple-picking even though it was so hot, I found myself explaining that we were running out of Fall weekends already, which is ridiculous but true.

Everyone is so busy getting back into a routine, be sure to make time for yourself and your friends and family and enjoy this special time of year. October and November menus are posted at with tasty and fulfilling options the whole family will love.

And just in case your fall fun lands you with 18.6 pounds of freshly picked apples, here is a link with some creative recipe ideas to put them to good use.

55+ Easy and Delicious Apple Recipes

Thanks for your Support!

Fall Feasts

IMG_7131 2.jpg

Something about Fall has us all about seafood. We love the transition from Summer’s hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill to this weekend when we roasted Oysters on the grill at a family birthday celebration. Now I can’t wait for my favorite fall festival, the Urbanna Oyster Festival. 

My sister made 4 glorious dipping sauces, 2 hot, 2 cold, as well as offering the traditional bottle of horseradish and Tabasco. The overwhelming favorite was this Sriracha Lime Butter which we think would also taste great on mussels, shrimp, crab and other seafood too.

This week we are excited for the return of one of our most popular dishes, Shrimp and Butternut Squash Risotto, to the menu alongside some of our other delicious fall comfort food menus. Check out what’s cooking at and let us help with dinner this week. Thank you for your Support.

Lyrical Poets


When I started this business, I knew that I would be serving a variety of situations, some joyful, some trying and some devastating. I made the decision to stay empathetic to the people we serve without becoming personally involved. We aren’t the ones sending the dinner after all, we are the link between two human connections supporting one another.

But since I do personally hand-write every personal message, I always read it in its entirety before writing it so I don’t make any careless mistakes copying the words. Some of y’all...cue the waterworks...y’all know just what to say and say it with such thoughtfulness, care and grace. And that’s no easy task. Sometimes I wonder if it just came to them on the first try or if they spent hours on our website writing, erasing and rewriting the message before placing their order.

I’m envisioning myself in this situation, writing a thoughtful, poetic message, maybe even a relevant quotation, then reading it back to myself and chickening out to a safe and simple “thoughts and prayers”. I get it, I’ve been there, I’ve said some miserable things that I wish I could get a REDO on. This article has suggestions for how to respond during difficult situations:

Psychology Today - What Grieving Friends Wish You’d Say

Check out our lineup this week and our Fall Menus through the end of November. Thank you for your Support.

Snack Time


I can’t believe it’s back to school time. Somehow the thought of making, packing and labeling school snacks and lunches has me dreading the start of school. I know I’m not alone. But you don’t have to have a kiddo in school to appreciate this week’s back to school cooking tip and recipe. My kids are SUPER picky-eaters, but if something is delicious enough, they can’t resist.

This homemade hummus recipe is my go-to when I need to accommodate a gluten allergy. Like most recipes, I don’t follow the directions exactly, so allow me save you some time and recommend you use my directions below and just use this link for the ingredients. Hummus Recipe

There is no need to make your own tahini, many of the grocery stores here have a delicious and affordable store brand tahini that will yield many batches of hummus and keeps nicely in the fridge. The only tedious part of this recipe that I recommend is shelling the chickpeas because it makes the hummus so much smoother and fluffier and doesn’t jam up the blender. While I still dread doing this, I have made a fun game out of gripping the chickpea in a way that it just pops right out leaving the shell in my fingers to discard...then repeat like 100 times (maybe a fun way for the kids to help?! Just sayin’). Simply add all the ingredients except the paprika to a blender and blend starting at the lowest speed and increasing slightly to a medium-low speed at most if your blender can tolerate it without jamming and blend until smooth, usually at least several minutes. I pipe the hummus into small serving containers for a smoother, store-bought look and then use a tea diffuser to sprinkle a small amount of paprika on top.

If this cooking tip is making you roll your eyes and question my time management skills, no worries. You can find our homemade hummus as well as many other delicious homemade goodies on our menu at Thanks for your Support and have a great week.

Almost Famous

Don't worry if your tasks are small.jpg

It always cracks me up when I answer a phone call or deliver a meal and people are surprised that it’s me on the other end. As if being the owner of this little get up either makes me a big deal or just the bucks behind the business. I totally get it though, because before I embarked on this journey I really had no clue what went into starting a small business from the ground up and growing it to be the dream you’ve always envisioned.

So this week, since many of you may be traveling for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, instead of a cooking tip, I am going to share one of my ongoing sources of encouragement and inspiration.

NPR’s “How I Built This” is a podcast where the host interviews entrepreneurs who built companies and brands that we all now know or remember as major companies. The stories all start from the very beginning doing a really excellent job of highlighting the founder’s visions, hurdles, and turning points along their long journeys to success...and sometimes failure. Either way, it is an excellent glimpse into the life of a small business owner as they pour their heart into making their dream a success.

We’re living out the dream of giving you a better way to Support the people in your life. So check out what we’re cooking up at I’ll get an alert on my phone that you’ve placed an order, carefully prepare all of the details, then my sister and I will personally cook something delicious for you and your family or loved ones to enjoy, and deliver it right to the doorstep. Thanks for all of your Support and have a great holiday weekend.

We're Back, Baby!

Eclipse Cupcakes

We’re back from vacation and I can’t believe Summer is nearly over. With some schools already back in session, we’re also ready to kick off our second year. Check out our fall cooking dates and menus now posted through the end of November at

As I’m sure you know, something very exciting is going to happen in the skies over the United States tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, it was a little tough to leave South Carolina two days before the Solar Eclipse. 

As a child, my life goal was to go to space camp. I have fond memories of setting alarms for 2am on vacation to go to the beach and watch meteor showers. I’ve never missed a lunar eclipse and remember watching multiple space shuttle launches through binoculars. I’m a space geek. So this week instead of a cooking tip, I’m going to share some fun solar eclipse themed recipes that celebrate this rare and exciting event:

The Coolest Food and Drink Specials for the Great American Eclipse

I think you’ll find these recipes far classier than the solar eclipse cupcakes my kids made this afternoon with some leftover black fondant, also known in our house as edible play dough. Enjoy and as always thank you for your Support.